Getting Fit

I thought I’d activate this WordPress blogsite because I’ve had it for a while and not done anything with it. I’ve chosen the overriding theme of “Staying Healthy” and it seems only appropriate that the first post should be titled “Getting Fit” because that’s the first step in the process. Before I left for Jakarta on June 26th, I was relatively fit thanks to the constant walking that I’d been doing around Shanghai but once I was back home I recidivated to my old ways and did virtually nothing. So I’m beginning with only the residual leg strength I still have from my former walking days. Since my return to Shanghai, I’ve done very little walking because of the heat.

I’ve abandoned the sit-ups that I used to do everyday to strengthen my abdominal muscles and I certainly need to resume this practice. Likewise, I need to revive my arm curls using the dumbbells that I have. Finally, I need to start walking again, in earnest. I weighed myself tonight and it seems that my current weight is around 77.5 kg. I’d like to get that figure down to the low 70’s while toning my body up in the process.


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